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The production department takes charge of defining and developing the company’s product by leading and overseeing its creation until the final delivery. Working closely with the Board of Directors, they define the character and image of the Group, and collaborate with the commercial department to make necessary adjustments to tailor each product to the end user.


The commercial department is responsible for defining and developing marketing, advertising, and sales strategies. They coordinate with the production department to ensure consistency in the product’s image and work with the legal and administrative department to manage the entire customer relationship, from initial acquisition to final product delivery. 


The legal-administrative department manages all administrative processes of the company and oversees the legal affairs of the Group. They also work closely with the commercial department to manage customer relations and with the financial department to assume administrative, accounting, and labor control.


The Board of Directors establishes the general guidelines of the company and its relationship with its subsidiaries. They define the strategy of the Group and make decisions about the projects that the company will undertake.